Stock Holding

Our range of mechanical seals is the widest available in today’s market,¬†variety of elastomer and face combinations all seals suited to numerous applications.

We carry comprehensive stock of Mechanical Seals for replacement in most type’s of pumps including; centrifugal, sewage and submersible dewatering pumps. This translates into immediate service to our clients.



Our team will provide you with technical support that is appropriate to your needs. Technical support is offered to all our customers and is usually without any additional cost.



  • Full Reconditioning Centre
  • 4 Lapping Machines
  • Silicon and Tungsten Griding Machine


  • Manufacturing of mechanical seals as to clients request and needs




Orders are shipped to any location within South Africa, throughout Africa and Abroad, through the use of postal speed services or a transport courier of your choice, wherever your location.


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